“It’s Hard to Put into Words”

“It’s hard to put into words just how happy we have been with the team at Italian Luxury Weddings. Elena immediately and consistently understood the nuances of our taste and preferences and communicating them was effortless. Our meetings were both productive and fun, and decisions that we would have labored over were met with simple and elegant solutions. Every suggestion was spot on and every vendor recommended was exceptional in both their work and their customer service.

The aesthetics of our wedding were a particular point of interest for us as we are both creative professionals — my husband is a fine art wedding photographer, and I design couture wedding dresses.

After the wedding, countless friends and family have told us how shockingly beautiful our wedding was and, while the most beautiful thing at our wedding was our love, literally everything else of beauty was the work of Italian Luxury Weddings…not the least of which was the peace of mind that my groom and I felt that day, knowing we were in the very best hands”

Angelina Haole, bride from San Josè, California
Verona, 2018

“Like a Fairy Tale”

“THANK YOU for all your hard work and effort to make it such an amazing event!!!! We really could not imagine it going any better – it was perfect. All the guests had an incredible time and they sound like they will be talking about this event for many years to come!! Maybe we’ll give them some time to do so, and then we can plan a 5 or 10 year wedding renewal of vows :)”

Ali Hosseini, groom from NYC
Trieste, 2018

“Thank you for all the efforts, time and work that you and your incredible colleagues put in, to make an amazing night for us! Without you, we could never have had such a dream-like night. Whenever we look back, it seems like a fairy tale to us. I personally was not drunk at all but I felt high on happiness and joy! Thank you very much!!!❤”

Sara Ebrahimi (Ali’s bride), from Iran
Trieste, 2018

“This Special Effect Amazed Everyone!”

I am Italian but I live in Mexico City with my American husband, and during the year before our wedding we were too busy to travel back and plan. That’s why we asked ILW to work with us.

They were always timely in assisting us, despite the time difference, and would offer options and great ideas for every single one of our requests, no matter how extravagant: flowers, photo booth, pizza cake (yes, you read that right! A pizza-like cake instead of the layered wedding cake!), shuttles for transportation, ice cream truck, and the list goes on.

On the wedding day, Elena was of great support. Her attention to detail and organizational work made everything perfect. One example: at the ceremony in church, when I opened my booklet, I found a classy Kleenex that Elena had slipped in, foreseeing I would get emotional. Another example was my spectacular entrance: she planned it from a huge, closed wooden door, which once opened, would let intense sunlight in. My dad and I appeared from within that light, as our guests’ eyes were still adapting to the change. This special effect amazed everyone!”

Giulia, bride from Ciudad de Mexico
Reggio Emilia, 2018