La Grande Bellezza

This program includes a full-service 7 day assistance from your point of arrival to your departure for the honeymoon.
We will take care of your guests and you for a whole Italian week. La Grande Bellezza includes:

  • complete planning and design
  • bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • food and wine tastings
  • traditional cooking workshops
  • exclusive spa
  • fashion shopping
  • all your personal Italian dreams
  • the wedding celebrated in a frescoed ballroom, an authentic medieval square, the Enzo Ferrari’s favorite restaurant, a historical balsamic vinegar factory or on a Grand Canal terrace in Venice
  • the day after experience: a fun activity and/or a farewell brunch to say “arriverderci” to your guests and leave for the most romantic honeymoon ever

Day 1
Arrival welcome and aperitif for bride, groom and guests

Day 2
Parties for bachelor and bachelorette (two different sites and activities, of course)

Day 3
Meet and greet for the entire wedding party for a day of beauty and relaxation in a spa.  Videographer and photographer participate for pre-shooting and getting to know the party members

Day 4
Free time for visiting, touring, tasting, cooking, shopping, -whatever you desire from the riches of the area.

Day 5

Rehearsal, make-up and hair stylist meeting; beauty salon time for bride, groom, bridesmaids and best men; a trip or activity for other guests (See “inspirations” page)

Day 6

Wedding See “destinations” page

Day 7
Farewell-brunch; a lunch-cruise on a historical Galleon in Venice, a Lamborghini test drive, a day in an authentic medieval castle with lift bridge, ancient armors…

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