La Dolce Vita

Make it Italian, wherever you are.

Are you longing for an elegant Italian wedding but are finding it impossible to shepherd all of your friends and family across the ocean?
You can always come to Italy for a wedding preparation trip. Select a master artisan to design your dress, jewelry, accessories, take home gifts, food, wine and whatever else you can imagine at your wedding.

Spend a few days here with us, then return with the inspiration Italy is famous for and make your own Italian wedding happen…at home! And if you find that you cannot make it through your special day without the assistance of your Italian team, “La Dolce Vita” includes the availability of both us and our vendors to support you for all your wishes, at home.

Or maybe you have planned your Italian destination wedding remotely but would still like to have the expertise of a local wedding planner on-site during your wedding day, coordinating all the day-of details and schedules?

In order to ensure your peace of mind about everything flowing smoothly and all your plans working perfectly, just send us the complete schedule and we’ll take care of everything for a perfect wedding day…with all the credit being yours!

Contact us for more details and information!